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What is the number one factor in determining your physical fitness?  Why, it’s your heart rate of course.  This knowledge can actually help you to maximize your weight loss during physical activity.  Coupled with one of the heart rate training partI Heart Health and Isagenix®many Isagenix® systems you can improve your overall health and fitness by simply tracking your heart rate.  

There is a very simple formula by which you can determine the most effective heart rate for you to lose weight and get fit.  Broken down into basic terms your heart is a large pump that pushes oxygenated blood from your lungs to the rest of your body.  Your muscles depend on this oxygenated blood to perform like God intended them to.  In addition, your heart rate not only tells you how hard you are working, but also whether or not your workout is effective in your efforts to lose weight.  

First, it is important to know that the average person’s resting heart rate is somewhere between 60-100 beats per minute.  As a person increases their level of fitness, this number may drop.  The key to an effective workout is to get this resting heart rate into a zone that increases the likelihood for fat loss after all other fuels are burned.  I discussed the concept of fuel consumption in a previous blog (Cardio vs. Weight Training and Weight Loss, November 24, 2010).  I introduced you to the process by which your body burns fuel and where fat falls into that continuum.  I mentioned at the conclusion of that article that your heart rate is the last vital important piece to that puzzle.  Knowing how to use this knowledge can make or break any person’s goal to achieve a healthy weight.  Here is how you make that determination.  

1.         Subtract your age from 220 to calculate your maximum heart rate.  

2.         Identify your fitness goal from one of the following zones: 

50-60% of Maximum Heart Rate 

Warm Up Zone.  Good zone to start a fitness regimen for the first time.  It has been shown to decrease body fat, blood pressure and cholesterol

60-70% of Maximum Heart Rate    

This zone is the “fat burning” zone.  The percent of fat calories is 85%.elliptical trainer Heart Health and Isagenix® 

70-80% of Maximum Heart Rate     

You are now entering an aerobic zone which is good for endurance training.  Fifty percent of calories burned are from fat.  

80-90% of Maximum Heart Rate  

This is the anaerobic zone which improves the cardiorespiratory system and increases endurance over time.  More calories are burned and 15% are from fat. 

90-100% of Maximum Heart Rate 

Burns the highest number of calories but is not recommended unless you are in very good shape.   

3.         Once you determine your fitness goal, for the purposes of our discussion—burning fat, you would multiply your maximum heart rate by the appropriate percentage,  e.g.  I am a 46 year old male.  I would subtract 46 from 220 which equates to a maximum heart rate of 174.  I would then multiply this number by 60-70% and learn my heart rate goal for weight loss is between 104 and 121.  

Based upon information provided in previous posts, I warm-up at the beginning of my work-out to elevate my heart workout routine 1000189 Heart Health and Isagenix®rate up to the desired level.  I then engage in some form of resistance training for 20-30 minutes since I want to have the good fuel to power my muscles.  I also know that the more muscles I have the more fat I will burn to fuel them.  Finally, I hop on the elliptical or treadmill for 25-30 minutes as I know that my fat is the last thing to go when I work-out.  Everyone is a little different and you need to experiment to find what best works for you.  With this said this progression may be a good place to start.  

If you would like to find out how Isagenix can work in conjunction with a healthy fitness regimen you can contact us toll free at 1-866-982-DIET (3438) or through our CleanseBenefits.com web-site.

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