“Sorry, Ma’am…but you are too obese to be Served!”

In a recent post I noted the adverse affects of obesity on pregnant women.  It turns out that there is much more to be worried about.  Obesity is beginning to affect a persons ability to get basic services.  There have been two articles Sorry, Maam...but you are too obese to be Served! in the last day that exemplify this assertion. 

In South Florida, OB-GYN doctors have begun to refuse service to pregnant obese women.  The doctors claim a very practical reason for their refusal.  Since there are so many complications associated with obese pregnancies, there is significant concern that the pregnancy will go bad and the mother, the child or both will suffer injury.  Since we are such a litigious society the assumption is that when the inevitable occurs that the doctor will be sued.  In order to minimize this potential, a large number of these doctors have refused to take on obese women as patients.  Until some form of torte reform occurs (or the obesity rate drastically decreases) I only see this trend expanding. 

 Sorry, Maam...but you are too obese to be Served!The second article told a story that has become all to common in the news.  Two obese women purchased tickets to fly on a national airlines.  When it was determined that neither of them could fit into one seat, the were told they each needed to pay for an additional seat.  One of the women admitted to weighing 268 pounds.  

I have stated on several occasions in the past that obesity has become the norm.  An addiction to food is no longer to be considered a “problem”.  Instead, we have plus sized models, plus sized stores, and the expectation that there will be plus-sized airplane seats.  This simply cannot happen.  I believe that there maybe a benefit to these incidents as it may force obese people to reconsider their circumstances.  I truly do not mean that in a “mean” way.  I have great concern for people with significant weight issues.  I look at them as I would look at any other type of addict.  I am also concerned with the future of our country since we continue to be the fattest nation on the planet.  If our current trend persists where will our soldiers, firemen and policement come from?

The cost of being obese is expanding beyond the grocery bill.  It will continue to affect peoples abilities to obtain basic services that, at this time, we take for granted. 

If you suffer from obesity then we may be able to help you.  You can contact us either through our web-site at CleanseBenefits.com, or by calling toll free 1-866-982-DIET (3438).

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