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Hello from Tamara and thanks for visiting blog.cleansebenefits.com!

I am a happily married mother of two wonderful children.  I have been a health and wellness coach dedicated to educating others on the benefits of nutritional cleansing and replenishing since 2006.  I have experienced amazing andbefore and after About Me... long lasting success with the cellular cleansing and replenishing systems and can help you to do the same (check out my before and after pictures!).

Since 2006 my husband and I have worked diligently to educate ourselves on the components of these systems and will pass this education on to you through our posts and personal interactions.  We believe so completely in the potential for these systems that we have begun to incorporate them into the diets of our two athletically inclined children.  With our knowledge, skills and experience we have been able to personally assist over 150 people, and indirectly close to 5,000 people address their health and weight loss concerns.

tamaraprimary 280x240 About Me...We are bombarded on a daily basis by unwanted additives, preservatives and chemicals introduced to our bodies through the toxins in our food, water and air.  These external toxins adversely affect our body’s ability to function in the way that God intended.  Nutritional cleansing eliminates these impurities on a cellular level.  Just like changing the oil in your car improves your engine’s performance, cellular cleansing optimizes your performance as well.  Independent research has shown that as an added benefit cleansing and replenishing supports safe, effective and efficient weight loss.

We can support you in your efforts to achieve your health and weight loss goals.  For more information contact me by calling toll free 1-866-982-DIET (3438) or visit http://www.cleansebenefits.com.