The Isagenix Line of Products: Product B

Friday, June 10th, 2011

I have spent a great deal of time over the course of the last several months talking about Telomeres, Telomerase, and Dr. William Andrews new relationship with Isagenix and John Anderson.  I did not know there was such a thing as a Telomere until I heardea logo The Isagenix Line of Products: Product B Dr. Andrews talking about them at the last Isagenix Convention in San Diego (Tamara and I will be attending the convention again in August–we are both very excited by the prospect).  Because of the exciting potential behind this discovery I began doing research on  Telomeres writing several blog posts and even an e-zine article on the topic.   

All of this makes the news of the new Isagenix supplement Product B very exciting to say the least.  Product B is the perfect combination of anti-oxidants coupled withTelomere support.  As a matter of fact, when used as a part of the Isagenix system, Product B provides what is believed to be the most powerful Telomere support on the market 

The best resource to find out more about this amazing new supplement is .  There you can find the latest information about Product B to include… 

  • information on aging factors

    Product B 300x260px1 The Isagenix Line of Products: Product B

    Product B

  • Information on Telomere science
  • Essential information on the supplement to include how to purchase

Some important information to know about Product B

  • Product B is a proprietary, scientifically-advanced formula of antioxidants for protecting Telomeres, and promoting higher antioxidant enzyme defenses.
  • Product B contains a full spectrum of natural bioactive antioxidants to help protect you from harmful free radicals that can accelerate aging and contribute to poor health.
  • Product B targets the sources of aging, such as oxidative stress.
  • Product B helps maintain youthful function of cells and healthy Telomeres.
  • Product B helps you regain and maintain a more youthful vitality.

If you would like to speak with us about Product B, Telomeres or Dr. Andrews you can contact us through our web-site at or call us toll free at 1-866-982-DIET (3438).

Dr. William H. Andrews, Telomeres and the Future of Isagenix

Monday, August 30th, 2010

At the conclusion of my last post I mentioned the new relationship established between Isagenix® and Dr. William H. Andrews, the acclaimed expert on the causes of aging.  It is important for everyone to understand what this means to Isagenix® and the rest of the world. 

Bill Andrews Dr. William H. Andrews, Telomeres and the Future of IsagenixSo, who is Dr. William H. Andrews, and why does it matter that he has established an intimate business relationship with the Isagenix formulator, John Anderson?  According to his biography, Dr. Andrews has worked in the biotech industry for 28 years focusing the last 15 years on finding ways to extend human lifespan through the intervention of telomere shortening in human cells. While Director of Molecular Biology at Geron Corporation, Dr. Andrews was one of the principal discoverers of both the RNA and protein components of human telomerase and was awarded 2nd place as “National Inventor of the Year” in 1997 for this work. He is presently a named inventor on 33 US issued telomerase patents. 

What does this mean to all of us?  For the last several years Dr. William H. Andrews has been working in his lab attempting to identify chemicals that could essentially slow down, stop or reverse the shortening of telomeres which are presumed to be the cause of aging in human beings.  Dr. Williams has experienced some success with his research which is the reason he was identified as “National Inventor of the Year” in 1997.  The problem with the use of chemicals in this type of research; however, is that it could take 20 years or more to garner approval from the United States Government for drugs that could extend all of our lives right now.  If he could only identify natural ingredients that would cause the same reactions as the chemicals he has been experimenting with. 

This is where John Anderson and Isagenix® entered into the equation.  John Anderson has spent a lifetimejohn anderson Dr. William H. Andrews, Telomeres and the Future of Isagenix identifying natural ingredients that could make all of us stronger, fitter and healthier.  The joining of forces between these two brilliant men will increase the likelihood that the solution to telomere shortening will be discovered, and that the benefits of this research will be available much sooner than later.

The implications of the cooperative effort between these two men are mind-boggling to say the least.  In the future this research and development of natural products could address age related illnesses, extend lives, and improve the quality of life for us all.  If that is not exciting news, then I don’t know what is!!  In addition Dr. Andrews is an ultra-marathon runner and has seen the benefit to the use of Isagenix® products such as the Isagenix Athletes Pak® to improve and maintain his level of performance.  Talk about a earth shattering endorsement.

websitebanner3 9sy7 Dr. William H. Andrews, Telomeres and the Future of IsagenixIf you would like to find out more about these amazing new products and be on the ground floor of a company that is about to change the world then you can find me at, or call me toll free at 1-866-982-DIET (3438).

Isagenix May Not Be the Cure for Aging…but they’re working on it!

Monday, August 30th, 2010

As I stated in a previous post, Isagenix® offered its Associates some amazing news at the 2010 Celebration about aging and its affects.  The announcements resulted in standing ovations and cheers of approval from everyone in the room.  The news had to be shared over the course of several days as it was too astounding to fit into one 24 hour period.  I will start with the news that you can find right now on our web-site at http://www.cleansebenefits.comIsagenix® has introduced a new product line called Rejuvity with the intent of addressing the signs and symptoms of agingI believe that these products are moving the company in a direction that will change the business…and maybe change the world! 

There are several products that I would like to introduce you to from the Rejuvity line. 

Isagenix Ageless Actives®

The newest addition to the Isagenix® supplements line is Isagenix Ageless Actives® Isagenix Ageless Actives® combats the effects of “cellular aging”.  Cellular aging can manifest itself in the physical appearance of…

  • Wrinkles AgelessActives2 200px Isagenix May Not Be the Cure for Aging…but they’re working on it!
  • Loss of Lean Body mass
  • Loss of Bone Strength
  • Memory Loss
  • Reduced Physical Capacity 

New Isagenix Ageless Actives®

  • Restores Youth from Within
  • Regenerates Bodies at the Cellular Level
  • Combines CoQ10, Vitamin D3 and Resveratrol to support the body to rebuild and restore its vital systems, support energy production and protect cells from oxidative stress

Isagenix Ageless Essentials Daily Pak®


Ageless Essentials Daily Pack 200x200 Isagenix May Not Be the Cure for Aging…but they’re working on it!Isagenix® now offers you a daily dose of premium vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in individually-wrapped A.M. and P.M. packets. Isagenix Ageless Essentials Daily Pak® contains a synergistic blend of essential nutrients so you never have to worry about what to take and when.

Isagenix Ageless Renewal Serum™Ageless Renewal Serum 200x200 Isagenix May Not Be the Cure for Aging…but they’re working on it!

The New Isagenix Ageless Renewal Serum™ Contains a high concentration of naturally derived epidermal growth factors to stimulate the body’s natural ability to replenish skin.  This bio-technically advanced treatment features Repair-Plex™, a cutting-edge complex containing specially-formulated ingredients and polypeptides, also known as epidermal growth factors or cytokines that work to support the skin’s natural renewal process. Repair-Plex™ supports your skin’s natural renewing, replenishing, and revitalizing processes to create a visibly lifted effect to help you look years younger.

Isagenix Isa SunGuard™

IsaSunGuard 200x2001 Isagenix May Not Be the Cure for Aging…but they’re working on it!Containing SPF 30, Isagenix Isa SunGuard™ is formulated with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, two minerals that work in synergy to block the sun’s harmful UVB and UVA rays, which can cause sunburn and premature aging. Rich in soothing botanicals such as Aloe Vera gel, green tea and chamomile, the long-lasting, water-resistant sun guard helps nourish and protect skin to appear young and beautiful.

These are all exciting products that should have a profound affect on the lives of people who choose to use them; however, this was not the most exciting news over the course of the weekend.  At the conference we were all introduced to molecular biologist Dr. William H. Andrews.  As Dr. Andrews entered the stage all those present realized that both Isagenix® and the world would never be the same again.  My next blog post will tell you what his relationship with Isagenix® really means.