How Committed are You to Weight Loss?

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

HCG How Committed are You to Weight Loss?Just last week I had a co-worker come into the office espousing the latest diet craze.  This particular plan involves injections or drops at a doctors office coupled with a 500 calorie per day diet (HCG Diet).  The co-worker was proudly showing off his new body and praising the program based upon his own success.  However, when he was quizzed on what would happen with his diet at the completion of the program the co-worker indicated there would have to be some modifications to change the way he ate…literally, he would have to change his lifestyle…to maintain his success.  I thought about telling him about Isagenix® but I decided to hold my tongue. 

I would venture to guess that virtually everyone that is reading this post has attempted to change their eating habits to facilitate weight loss at some point in their lives.  There have been times in my own life when I decided to eat nothing but fruits and vegetables for lunch (yeah, right!—that didn’t last long). 

There is a reason that the diet industry is as large as it is.  Authors keep generating books and the American publicMayo Clinic How Committed are You to Weight Loss? keeps buying them looking for the diet plan they can actually stick to for the rest of their lives.  Just go to any large bookstore like Barnes and Noble® or Borders® and walk down the nutrition aisle.  All it would take is for just a couple of those books to work (Adkins Diet, New York Diet, Mayo Clinic Diet, etc.) and virtually every other book on dieting would cease to exist.  Yet there are new diet books popping up every day.  I believe a diet book can affect your attitude, but it cannot alter your appetite or taste-buds.  

If you can’t stick with something for your whole life it is doomed to failure.  Eventually you will backslide into your old ways and the weight will come back.  What if someone told you the only way to get into excellent physical shape was to run…but you hated running.  You may be able to stay with the regimen for a while; however, your hatred of running would eventually overcome your desire to be in good shape.

buy isagenix products e1i91 How Committed are You to Weight Loss?Isagenix® offers an alternative I have not seen before.  It does not ask you to eat only grapefruits.  It simply offers a way to deal with the food you do eat so you can efficiently and effectively lose weight.  I am not saying you can eat a gallon of ice cream every day and melt off the pounds.  I will say though that my wife is an excellent cook.  She continues to make all the same food that she did when we were both much heavier.  I believe that the Isagenix®paks and systems (for example the Isagenix® 9-Day Cleansing and Fat Burning System; the Isagenix 30-Day Cleansing and Fat Burning  System; or the Isagenix® Total Health and Wellness System) can help you to achieve your health goals just like it did for us. 

If you would like to learn more about how Isagenix® products, paks and systems can help you, then visit our web-site at or call us toll free at 1-866-982-DIET (3438).

Changing Lives with Isagenix®!

Friday, August 27th, 2010

Isagenix Celebration 2010 Changing Lives with Isagenix®!My wife and I attended the Isagenix® Celebration in San Diego this weekend.  It was my first opportunity to spend time with that many committed and passionate Isagenix® Associates!  My wife has attended the conference several times in the past and I now understand the metamorphosis in attitude that occurs whenever she returns.  I found the whole experience to be nothing less than revelatory.  In a future blog post I will tell everyone about the earth shattering news we all received that could change the lives of virtually everyone on the planet! 

The weekend was filled with a sense of anticipation for the future.  Everyone present could feel the positive energy thatIMAG0090 Changing Lives with Isagenix®! flowed through the room.  It was as if a group of 5000 people had become family for four days.  The most fascinating and compelling aspect of the convention for me was the way people responded to the speakers on stage.  Because of my Christian beliefs and my families close ties to church I have been witness to some enthusiastic preachers and exhilarating sermons.  I liken the experiences of these four days to those sermons.  There were people jumping from their seats, and yelling responses back to the stage.  Several of the speakers including the famous Les Brown had obvious biblical beliefs and injected proof of this into their presentations.  When the bible was quoted there were responses of “Amen” and “Praise Jesus”!  It was truly an amazing spectacle to witness and made me feel good about my connection to Isagenix®. 

I began to question what it was that evoked such passion and excitement.  I believe I have unraveled the secret and would like to share it with you.  There are many motivations for entering into a relationship with the company.  Many are looking for a solution to their weight loss problems by using the Isagenix 9-Day or 30-Day Cleansing and Fat Burning System®.  Many are attracted to the life changing potential of the referral and compensation plan.  Its ability to create a residual income translates into total financial freedom for many people.  Many are seeking the health benefits associated with the Isagenix Total Health and Wellness System®.  I believe, however, that this weekend revealed the true nature of people’s love of the company and its many products and paks. 

palms clock Changing Lives with Isagenix®!Isagenix® offers time.  Many people seek to lose weight out of a desire to improve their appearance.  I do not judge this motivation as I believe that taking care of yourself and dressing well says something about you to employers and the rest of the world.  Everyone would like to look good but not everyone puts appearance before a love of food.  I think that people who are truly successful with the company have a much deeper mission whether that mission is apparent to them or not.  Ultimately, I believe we seek better health and fitness because we wish to live longer.  Furthermore, we want our quality of life while we are living to be the best we can make it.  That is ultimately what Isagenix® can offer.  It offers a better chance that you will get to play with your grand-kids and great grand-kids.  It offers you the chance that you may get more time to do something of great importance with your life.  I do not make the claim that Isagenix® is the fountain of youth.  But I do assert that paying more attention to your health and making the right decisions about what goes into your body can make a difference in how long your are here. Isagenix can help!

If you want to find out more contact my wife on her web-site at or call her toll free at 1-866-982-DIET (3438).

“So hungry I could eat a…”

Monday, June 28th, 2010

About a week ago my family and I went to Phoenix to celebrate Father’s Day broken glasses “So hungry I could eat a…”and the 20th anniversary of the day I married my beautiful wife.  While enjoying the pool a gentleman walked up and handed me my glasses…the glasses he stepped on…the mangled glasses that were bent and broken with the lens popped out.  I have been glassless ever since.

Today I was finally able to get in to see my eye doctor.  In the near future, I will get my new glasses and finally be able to read again!  While I was getting my eye exam I had the opportunity to tell the doctor and her staff the gospel of Isagenix®.  Several people expressed interest and amazement at my wife, Tamara’s before and after pictures.  My doctor made the comment that she was tired of starving herself just to maintain her current weight.  This statement reminded me of my own fitness journey when I first began using Isagenix® products. 

When I first realized that my weight had gone beyond what I could tolerate over three years ago, it was no longer a small problem for me.  My plan was to work out as often as possible, have salads and vegetables for lunch, and essentially starve myself.  This plan met with a modicum of initial success; however, I eventually hit the proverbial wall to my great frustration.  I was hungry all the time and this hunger did not seem to translate into greater weight loss.  Tamara eventually convinced me to give the Isagenix 30-Day30 day 1024x603 “So hungry I could eat a…” Cleansing and Fat Burning System® a chance.  I started to see the pounds melt away and was very excited about the potential for this fantastic program.  Several weeks later I again hit a wall and was not seeing the weight loss I had hoped for.  In desperation I contacted Dr. Becky Natrajan, a Gastroenterologist who happened to serve on the Isagenix® Scientific Advisory Board.  Her solution to my problem was simple.  I wasn’t eating enough, and as a result my body was saying “…hey, this guy isn’t feeding me anytime soon so I better store up some fat!”  Now I didn’t actually hear my body say this, and I am obviously invoking some poetic license to illustrate some points, yet the points are significant.

  • A starvation diet is never the solution to healthy weight loss
  • A significant change in eating habits is possible; however, it is usually unsustainable without enormous will-power and the assistance of medical professionals. 

The idea that a person will go from eating three milkshakes a day to only eating things that come from the ground just doesn’t happen overnight…if ever.  I liken this thought to the person who decides to get into shape by establishing a daily jogging regimen…when they despise jogging.  Such a fatjogging “So hungry I could eat a…”person may be able to reach their fitness goals, but those goals will most likely not be realized through running every day.  The same can be said about a change in diet.  Changes can be made, but in order for most people to see success, those changes must be reasonable and gradual.  The beauty of Isagenix® is that it provides the nutritional support necessary to make those changes over time. 

Tamara is a fantastic cook.  She has always striven to provide healthy and satisfying meals for her family.  I never believed that my poor fitness level was due to the food she cooked for me.  The problem was always that I ate too much of it.  Isagenix® helped to bring my body back into balance while slowly reducing the amount of food I needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  The Isagenix Total Health and Wellness System* now allows me to maintain the fitness level I have achieved.  The same potential exists for all my readers out there.

Weight Loss: Mars VS Venus

Friday, June 18th, 2010

christina aguilera cosmopolitan 3833301 Weight Loss:  Mars VS VenusI have a female employee who constantly complains about her figure.  No…she isn’t overweight; rather she has the problem that most every other woman on the planet would love to have.  She can’t put on weight to save her life.  Her dissatisfaction is to the bewilderment of most everyone else at work as she is in great physical condition and obviously eats a healthy diet.  She suffers from an ailment shared by many women.  Regardless of whether they see themselves as being overweight or underweight, women rarely see themselves as meeting the standards imposed by society through our magazines, movies and television shows.  Considering that most women would like to lose weight (apparently much more so than men) God has played the cruelest trick of all. There are actually physiological reasons why women have a harder time losing weight than men. 

  • We men have more muscle than women do which allows us to burn more calories…even when we are sitting on the couch watching football. 
  • Women are predisposed to store and retain fat because of their higher levels of estrogen.  A condition that makes it easier for a woman to get pregnant (women actually burn 16% fewer calories everyday than men do).   
  • We men respond more quickly to exercise.
  • Women have a much lower tolerance for exercise due to a smaller lung capacity.
  • A man’s metabolism can be five times faster than a woman of similar height and weight. 

Furthermore, once we men begin to pay attention to food choices and start a workout regimen we tend to get quick results.  Sorry women…

But do not give up hope.  My intention is not to dissuade you (or the men outbefore after Weight Loss:  Mars VS Venus there) from reaching your fitness goals.  Help is available in the form of Isagenix®.  Tamara and I are a living testament to that fact.  The disadvantages women have related to their weight loss efforts can be overcome if you have the right tools and take the appropriate steps.  Some suggestions that can help:

  • First and foremost, find an Isagenix program that works for you.  Whether it is the Isagenix 9-Day Cleansing and Fat Burning System®, the Isagenix 30-Day cleansing and Fat Burning System®, or the Isagenix Total Health and Wellness System, there is a system that can assist you in reaching the level of fitness you desire. 
  • Establish a physical fitness regimen that works for you.  Find something that you enjoy doing like swimming, yoga, weight lifting, etc.  Any increase in muscle mass will help you to burn more calories over time.swimmer girl Weight Loss:  Mars VS Venus


  • Don’t always be the one to prepare meals.  Eliminate the extra temptation to nibble, taste and eat more calories while you are preparing dinner. 
  • Finally, change your perspective.  Men don’t pay as much attention to fluctuations in weight as women do.  Women have a tendency to allow a slight increase in weight to affect their mood.  Remember that your body will increase and decrease several pounds over the course of a day.  Getting depressed or upset about these minor changes in your body is not helpful and very well may de-motivate you.  Stay focused on the bigger picture. 

Whether you are a man or a woman, remember that overall fitness is less about numbers and more about changes in behavior.  If you change your behavior, then the weight loss will come.


Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

I can’t tell you the number of people I have met in my life that have vowed to start a new diet, or a new fitness regimen, or affect a lifestyle change…tomorrow!  The people I am referring to are usually adamant about changing their lives, whether their plan is to lose weight, quit smoking or take advantage of an exciting opportunity.   Yet their plans are quite often flawed because they promise to affect this change next week-end, following the holidays or after the new-year.  Such plans are doomed to failure as such delays are indicative of a lack of commitment.  How can one succeed when the most solid aspect of a plan refers to the delay of its implementation?  Furthermore, if delay is a major component of any success equation that component is open for negotiation (and further delay). 

Victor Kiam ProcrastinationAs business entrepreneur Victor Kiam (One-time President of Remington and owner of the New England Patriots) once said, “Procrastination is opportunities assassin.”  Since establishing our relationship with Isagenix® we have worked to maintain a “Carpe Diem” (Seize the day) mentality which has served us well in all aspects of our lives.    

When Tamara was first introduced to Isagenix® by a friend she was a fewTotal Health and Wellness 1024x642 Procrastination weeks away from her 25th year high school reunion…and utterly dissatisfied with her appearance.  Tamara had suffered from years of dieting failure and was eager for a success.  Instead of waiting until she returned Tamara immediately started an Isagenix 9-Day Cleansing and Fat-Burning System™.  This decision changed not only her life, but the life of her whole family.  Her almost immediate positive results prompted her to move on to the Isagenix 30-Day Cleansing and Fat-Burning System™ and then on to the Isagenix Total Health and Wellness System™. 

I must admit that I was initially skeptical and told Tamara that I would try the program only when I saw both a substantial and long lasting physical and financial benefit.  It was my lack of initial support that served to slightly delay our ultimate financial successand the new-found health that we have realized with Isagenix®.  I will never make that mistake again!! 

benjamin franklin ProcrastinationIsagenix® offers systems to meet every need and fit every goal.  Whether you are struggling with your weight and use the Isagenix 30-Day Cleansing and Fat Burning System™, or you are a world class athlete and use the Isagenix Athletes Pak™, a healthy lifestyle is within your grasp.  Furthermore, with a referral and compensation plan that rivals any network marketing company in the business, the Isagenix Independent Associate has the ability to achieve financial independence.

As Benjamin Franklin once said, “You may delay, but time will not.”  Make your plans for success and implement them starting today.  Isagenix® very well may be the catalyst that brings you whatever success you desire.


Saturday, May 22nd, 2010

4854137060055D Blessings...It is a Saturday morning and I have been up for about the last hour or so working on the computer.  I am often up early or late when everyone is sleeping.  This is because if my family is awake then all of my effort and time is dedicated to them.  If that doesn’t tell you how much I love my family and what they mean to me then I don’t know what does.  I do all I can to offer them the best life I can.  They are my legacy, my muse and the main blessing in my life.  That is why my wife and I have made Isagenix® such a major part of our lives

They are not the only blessing in my life, however.  I would like to tell you about a few others that have been brought about because of my family’s relationship with Isagenix®.

  • My wife and I are in a position to tell others how to improve their health and wellness.

  • We have been able to change the lives of people struggling with their weight and health. 

  • We have been able to take care of Isadermix Blessings...our own health as well as that of our children through the Isagenix® products.  Whether it be through their skin care line such as the new IsaDermix Anti-Aging Treatment Toner®, or their many healthy products such as the IsaLean Shake, or their affordable paks such as the Isagenix Total Health and Wellness System® the company has proven a God-send when it comes to taking care of our overall health.

  • We are in a position to provide our kids with a residual income business as they move on into adulthood! 

  • My wife and I have an additional retirement income that will only grow as we tell more people about these amazing products!

  • We are able to maintain our fitness in ways that may people in their mid 40’s can only dream about.  I no longer fell my age like I used to and my wife and I are certainly not acting our age. 


  • Because of my success with Isagenix® I have the self-confidence to seek out adventures in life and business. 


  • I believe my wife and I will have a longer life together because of the healthy lifestyle we have been able to maintain. 

Do you count your blessings?  Maybe Isagenix® can increase those blessing like it has for us.  If you are interested, we can tell you how we received all of our blessings!


Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

Man Leonardo da Vinci Inspiration!I was reviewing my Facebook page today and realized that one of my community pages is called “Inspiration”.  Everyone that knows me well knows that my family is the primary inspiration in my life.  Other than God it is what drives my engine and shapes most of my decisions.  One of those daily decisions involves taking care of my body.  I want to be around for a very long time to enjoy my kids and my grand-kids (…and maybe my great grand-kids). 

Every single day I wake up, I take my Isagenix® supplements, I take aIsalean Shake Inspiration! shot of Isagenix Ionix Supreme®, and I drink one of my Isagenix Isa-Lean Shakes®.  Vanilla is my favorite because I think it tastes like a McDonald’s® milk shake.  My wife prefers the chocolate because she said it tastes like a Wendy’s Frosty®.  I like the chocolate, but I like to throw a little peanut butter in it…it tastes just like a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup®.  My wife likes the chocolate whipped into a mocha shake with a teaspoon of Instant coffee and a tablespoon of the Isagenix IsaCrunch®. 

The best part of my morning ritual is that my 13 year old daughter is now enjoying the Isagenix Isa-Lean Shakes® with me.  She has her IsaKids® Essentials chewable vitamins and her shake every morning.  Since we both get up at the same time, it is an opportunity for us to talk about the coming day.  Every morning my daughter emerges from her bedroom and says “can you start my shake?”  It is exciting and gratifying that my daughter is starting at an early age to take care of herself.  My family has become a perpetual motion machine where we constantly motivate each other to success in all things. 

michelle 370x278 Inspiration!As a result, I was very disappointed to read an article today about the First Lady Michelle Obama’s proposal to limit food advertisers.  Not that I like the fact that companies constantly bombard my kids with commercials about sugar coated cereals and candy, rather I am disheartened that we as a nation are incapable of resisting these ads.  By suggesting we need to limit a company’s access to us, we are admitting that we are incapable of making the right decisions for ourselves and our families and that we are too weak to resist all the junk food out there.  I would like to think that my family is proving the First Lady wrong every day. 

Here is my challenge to you.  Get inspired!!  Resist all the additives, preservatives and chemicals that are present in our sodas, cereal boxes and processed foods.  Don’t depend on others to tell you what is right for your family.  Find yourself an alternative which leads to a healthy life for yourself and your family.  For my family that alternative is Isagenix® with its amazing products and paks like the Isagenix Total Health and Wellness System®.  If you won’t make this commitment for yourself then do it for your family’s future!

Thank you, John Anderson!!

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

I married my wife, Tamara 20 years ago this coming month.  To help her remember that day I had our wedding tape converted onto DVD and we watched it tonight with our kids.  It was great fun to look at ourselves and what great shape we were in back then.  I have always thought she was beautiful, and the day I married her was one of my happiest. 

She has always been very health conscious and concerned about her physical fitness.  I have, for the most part, relinquished the responsibility for healthy eating and nutrition to her and she makes the majority of the food choices in the house…especially when it comes to our kids. Wedding weight Isagenix 2 Thank you, John Anderson!!

After having our kids, and despite her best efforts, Tamara began to gain weight.   She tried several diets and was on a consistent fitness regimen.  The unwanted weight gain was beginning to affect her attitude and outlook.  I regularly reminded her that I loved her and found her attractive regardless of her dress size.  I also told her that the only time I would ever say anything about her weight was if I felt it was beginning to adversely affect her health.  That day was approaching, but I knew that saying something would only make things worse.  I decided to keep my mouth shut because I realized Tamara was working hard to find a solution to her own weight problem.

When Tamara came to me with Isagenix® I had little faith that this program was different than any other “diets”.  I tried to remain positive and encourage her, but I was also concerned about yet another plan failing her.  When the Isagenix 9-Day Cleansing and Fat Burning System™ resulted in astounding success in a short period of time, even I was having a hard time remaining skeptical.  Tamara then moved on to the Isagenix 30-Day Cleansing and Fat Burning Syste30 day 1024x603 Thank you, John Anderson!!m™ and in a few short months returned to her marriage weight and fitness level.  She could again fit into her wedding dress!

Most “diets” offer little support after the weight is gone.  Therefore, I thought that Tamara might end up back at square one looking for another solution to yet another weight gain.  Tamara then introduced me to the Isagenix Total Health and Wellness System™.  With the support of this maintenance program Tamara has been able to maintain her health and in the process made a full-fledged Isagenix believer out of me.  We are now an Isagenix® family!JohnAnderson Thank you, John Anderson!!

Isagenix® was invented by John Anderson, a Chemist who has worked for supplement companies such as GNC® and MetRx®.  Mr. Anderson has over 600 patents related to the health and wellness field to his name.  To me the most important thing John Anderson has ever done, however, is help to improve the health of my family.  If John Anderson were standing in front of me now, I would introduce myself and say “Thank you, John Anderson!!