Weight Loss Methods of Wrestlers, Body Builders, Boxers, etc…

Sunday, September 12th, 2010

Why are some athletes willing to engage in weight loss behaviors that might ultimately physically harm them?Wrestling Weight Loss Methods of Wrestlers, Body Builders, Boxers, etc…  There is a group of sports competitors that go to extremes to achieve weight loss.  The groups I am referring to include…

  • Wrestlers
  • Boxers
  • Body Builders
  • MMA Fighters

…and any other sport where minimizing your overall weight on the day of competition is advantageous. 

I have had the opportunity throughout my life to interact with athletes of all types.  I was a swimmer from about 6th grade through college.  I got to meet and compete against some of the best athletes in the world and the experience made me a better person on several levels.  I believe that all kids should be involved in some type of competitive sport as they grow up for several reasons…

  • You learn that winning doesn’t just happen…sports success involves a great deal of preparation, both mentally and physically. 
  • Competition helps to define you and your individualized skills. 
  • Competition helps you to learn how to deal with defeat.  Sports promote a desire to win while encouraging tenacity.   
  • Competitive sports prepare young people for a life of physical fitness.  Athletics make staying fit and healthy a daily routine that can become a life-long habit.      

diet pills1 Weight Loss Methods of Wrestlers, Body Builders, Boxers, etc…I learned through my own experiences that all dedicated athletes are looking for an edge over their competitors.  Some will go to extreme lengths to achieve that edge.  For example, I used to shave all the hair off my arms and legs just before a big meet (weird, huh).  Ironically, some of these practices have serious health implications.  Sports that are broken down into weight classes such as boxing and wrestling lend themselves to the belief that less is more.  Athletes will do whatever they can to get themselves into the lowest weight class possible.  They will utilize methods that are foreign and even unattractive to those of us outside of these arenas.  Some of the methods include…

  • Restricting food intake
  • Fasting
  • Restricting Fluids
  • Rubber/Plastic Suits
  • Laxatives
  • Diet Pills
  • Diuretics
  • Enemas
  • Vomiting


The potentially damaging side affects to these methods should be obvious, yet they have been employed for years either covertly or overtly.  There has to be a better way! 

What if you could continue to provide your body with high grade nutrition, while safely losing weight through thebuy isagenix products e1i9 Weight Loss Methods of Wrestlers, Body Builders, Boxers, etc… cleansing of toxins from your body?  Isagenix® has the answer.

In a sponsored study of the Isagenix® 9-Day Cleansing and Fat Burning System it was determined that men lost an average of 8.3 pounds while women lost an average of 7.2 pounds during the same time frame.  See the study here…


Want More Energy1 Weight Loss Methods of Wrestlers, Body Builders, Boxers, etc…This weight loss was accomplished without starvation diets, dehydration, or without ingesting dangerous laxatives or diet pills.  I can show you how to have an advantage over your competitors like you have never experienced before with the many Isagenix® paks and products.  Some examples include Isagenix Want More Energy?® energy drink, and Isagenix Ionix Supreme®

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Thursday, June 10th, 2010

In a recent article for Yahoo!® Health (Sip Your Way to a Flat Belly! June 4, 2010) writer David Zinczenko provided simple strategies for achieving weight loss.  The suggestions require little effort and only minor changes to a person’s behavior.  Many of these suggestions should be common sense; however, Mr. Zinczenko provided information on just how significant these changes in diet can positively affect your ability to maintain a sensible and healthy weight. 

I enjoy reading such articles because they tend to validate the philosophies of Isagenix®.  The many products and paks compliment these simple steps and allow you to maintain the healthy lifestyle and physical fitness level that most of us desire. 

First and foremost, Mr. Zinscenko states that drinking water (at least 4 ½ IsaWater Puritycups of water per day) can result in weight loss in excess of 5 lbs. a year.  Additional studies have shown that drinking water can actually speed up your metabolism!  Water consumption, especially purified water, is a major component of all the Isagenix® systems, paks and individual products.  Purified water is espoused as a basic ingredient for mixing the Isagenix IsaLean® Shake, the Isagenix Cleanse for Life™ drink, or the Isagenix Want More Energy® recovery drink.  Isagenix has even produced an alkalized concentrate called IsaWATER™ to remove acid from drinking water thereby maximizing hydration at a cellular level. 

It should become apparent that purity is a buzzword in all discussions about Isagenix®.  Its ability to offer products that cleanse the body of impurities on a cellular level is what differentiates Isagenix® from other companies claiming to help you reach your fitness goals.  Cellular cleansing is what allows your internal organs to function the way God intended. 

While plenty of purified water every day is essential to a healthy lifestyle, there are other steps that can be taken to improve your health and help you to maintain a healthy weight. 

  1. Avoid Soda and Iced Tea—studies have shown that this is aCoke Purity significant issue for Americans.  According to Mr. Zinscenko this “…category makes up the largest percentage of our caloric intake…” beating out both vegetables and chicken and fish.  This means that for many Americans Soda is 7% of their daily calories!  Stick to water and throw in a lemon wedge for flavor.   
  2. Avoid Processed Juice Drinks—despite the claims that they are made with “real” fruit juice and good for your kids, drinks like Sunny Delight® are comprised primarily of water and corn Syrup.  This means you are drinking a lot of empty calories. 
  3. Avoid Coffee Drinks—I know…I love Starbucks® just like everyone else.  I wish a Grande Java Chip® was as healthy as broccoli…but it isn’t by a long shot.  If you drink just one blended coffee drink a day you are adding 239 calories to your diet.  Give it up and stick with a regular coffee or tea. 

Isalean Shake PurityOne last suggestion is to drink “thick” drinks every day.  Mr. Zinczenko has again played into my Isagenix® hand.  According to his article, Purdue University found that “people stayed fuller longer when they drank thick drinks than when they drank thin ones.”  This is the reason my wife and I throw an extra ice cube into our blended Isagenix IsaLean® Shake every morning.  The perfect blend of quality whey protein and active enzymes assist in absorbing nutrients while hunger satisfying fiber, nourishing vitamins and a proprietary blend of minerals ramp up the nutrient content.

Think “purity!”  Taking a few simple steps while adopting an Isagenix® lifestyle can truly change your life!