February 2011 CleanseBenefits.com Newsletter

Friday, February 4th, 2011

Greetings from Tamara!

This past weekend I attended the Isagenix New Year Kick-off event
in Phoenix, AZ.  Whenever I attend one of these events I get so
inspired to be around so many healthy people who are excited about February 2011 CleanseBenefits.com Newsletter
helping others reach their health & wellness goals
The room became electric when the new Rejuvity Joint and Pain
Relief System
was introduced.  Did you know that more than 1 in
every 5 Americans aged 18 and over has been diagnosed with
arthritis?  In tests performed in our pain clinics, 88.41% of
people with chronic joint problems enjoyed significant results with
this new system.  Wow!  Those are some great results. 
More excitement was shared with announcements of new tools to make
it easier to introduce others to Isagenix and promotions to reward
you for your efforts.  One of the most exciting was the
announcement that the grand prize winner of the 2011 IsaBody
 February 2011 CleanseBenefits.com NewsletterChallenge
will be rewarded with $120,000 in cash.  Now that’s some
motivation to lose weight and get in shape!
The event closed with keynote speaker Jack Canfield.  His
presentation focused on success principles on how to get from where
you are to where you want to be.
I can’t wait until August for our annual Celebration to be held in
San Diego, CA.  The word is out that at that time a new anti-aging
product will be introduced which will revolutionize the health &
wellness industry
.  I hope you will join me!
Read below to learn about more product announcements and details on
new tools and promotions.

Product News
New Rejuvity Joint and Pain Relief System.  Click the link to learn
more.  http://www.agelessjointsupport.com/
New “My Pak“!  Design your own system with at least 200 BV and
receive a 10% discount.  Visit http://www.isagenixnews.com/ for all
the details.  To help you design your “My Pak” complete the new
Health Assessment Questionnaire at http://media01.isagenix.com/corporate/ww/en/microsite/healthquestionnaire/index.html
IsaFruits and Isagenix Greens are now available in new convenient
individual serving packs.
Watch for improvements coming soon to our IsaLean Shakes, Cleanse
for Life
drink and Ionic Supreme.  There is also a new vegan system
in the works.
Recipe of the Month:
Strawberry Slimmer February 2011 CleanseBenefits.com Newsletter
2 scoops Vanilla IsaLean Shake
8 ounces purified water
1 handful ice
1 scoop IsaFruits
1/2 cup strawberries
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
Blend & enjoy!

Promotions & Incentives:
8 Ways to Grow Your Business:  Check it out!
Here are a few highlights:
Climb in the ranks & cash in through July 31, 2011*
 February 2011 CleanseBenefits.com NewsletterConsultant = $50
Star Consultant = $500 
Executive = $1,000
Crystal Executive = $1,500  
Advance to Executive and earn even more cash bonuses
and be eligible to participate in a monthly leadership pool (Until
8/14/11).  The latest pool winners were awarded between $1,000 and
over $72,000 in cash bonuses.*
Friends & Family program now through August 14, 2011:
Enroll with a 30-Day System, Pacesetter Pak, President’s Pak,
Business Pak or Kosher Pak and enroll friends & family for FREE February 2011 CleanseBenefits.com Newsletter
during your first 45 days.*
2011 IsaBody Challenge:  Grand Prize is $120,000!  Who wants to get
paid $10,000 every month for a year?  Visit
www.IsaBodyChallenge.com for details including contest rules.
IsaDerby:  Tournament of Champions now through July 24, 2011.
Enroll on a team by February 20, 2011 to earn hard cold cash.
Click here to register.
Autoship Loyalty Program:  Place an autoship order of 130 BV or
larger and start earning coupons off products and events.  You can
earn up to $375 in your first year.  The first loyalty rewards
coupons will be awarded next month so check your Back Office  My
Orders section’s, My Coupons tab to see if you have a coupon.
*Visit your Back Office for details on how to qualify.
My Special Offer:  I will send you a FREE Ageless Pain Relief Cream
to the first person on my team that advances in rank during the
month of February.
New IsaKinetix DVD with fun and easy to follow workouts.
Visit http://www.IsaSalesTools.com for a complete list of tools and
to place an order.
Celebration 2011 August 14-16, 2011 in San Diego, CA
Visit your Back Office for an event near you.
New Conference Call Schedule:
Leader Mentor Program available Mon.-Fri. at 9 am
IsaProduct Training available Mon.-Fri at 8 am & Mon-Thurs. at 6:30
pm PST  Call 480.374.2000 Code 2100#
Real People, Real Results (IsaBody Challenge) every Tues. at 6 pm
Real People, Real Results every Tues. at 6:30 pm
Opportunity Presentation Webinar every Wed. at 7 pm
Product Training every Thurs. at 6 pm
IsaBody Challenge Mentor Program every Thurs. at 6:30 pm
Business Training every Sat. at 9 am
Fitness Professional & Athletes Program first Mon. at 7 pm
The Next Entrepreneurs Program second Mon. at 7 pm
Health Professional Program third Mon. at 6 pm
Nutrition, Science & Product FAQ’s Program third Mon. at 6:30 pm
IsaAthlete Performance Program third Mon. at 7 pm
All calls are at PST unless otherwise noted.  Call in number is February 2011 CleanseBenefits.com Newsletter
712.432.0443 Code 4000# unless otherwise noted.  These calls are
recorded and archived in your Back Office in case you miss it live.
More Resources:
http://www.isaproduct.com and http://www.isagenixbusiness.com
Up-line Support:
Dr. Joe Porreca every Mon. at 5:30 pm EST. Call 712-432-0075 Code
Carole & Peter every Wed. at 6 pm PST.  Call 212-990-2300 Code
Check out my blog at http://blog.cleansebenefits.com/
You can also check out our team blog at http://livingdreamteam.com/

The Isagenix® Line of Products: All New…Isagenix® Rejuvity™ Joint and Pain Relief System

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011
I can always count on Isagenix® events such as this past week-ends New Year Kick Off (NYKO) in Phoenix,Rejuvity Joint and Pain Relief System The Isagenix® Line of Products: All New...Isagenix® Rejuvity™ Joint and Pain Relief System  Arizona to provide information that I can use to help change the world.  This week-end did not disappoint.  Sometimes this information is telegraphed, but usually the new products and formulations are a total surprise, adding to the excitement of the  conference.  In this particular case thousands of people in attendance were introduced to the Rejuvity™ lines Isagenix® Ageless Joint Support™, and Isagenix® Ageless Pain Relief™ Cream.  John Anderson, once again, has delivered on his promise of a better life through Isagenix® products.

These new products, like so many others offered by Isagenix® provide solutions to a problem suffered by a significant portion of our population.  Like our concern over our health and our desire for a leaner healthier bodyJohn Anderson has tapped into the needs and desires of millions of people who have been seeking the solution to intermittent and chronic joint pain.  In actuality, fifty-five million people suffer from joint pain in this country.  This issue  inevitably affects their quality of life and can keep them from enjoying the activities they love.  Is this true for you? 

arthritis pain The Isagenix® Line of Products: All New...Isagenix® Rejuvity™ Joint and Pain Relief SystemIsagenix® Ageless Joint Support™ contains many of the ingredients commonly associated with joint pain relief such as GlucosamineChondroitin and MSM that help to protect healthy cartilage while rejuvinating cartilage lost to years of wear and tear.  By including additional botanicals such as Boswellia and Tumeric this formula sothes  joint flare-ups for overall joint health. 

Isagenix® Ageless Pain Relief™ Cream is a fast-absorbing greaseless topical cream that provides immediate and long-lasting pain relief for muscles and joints due to arthritis, backache, muscle strains, sprains and bruises.  This amazing cream contains Menthol and Methyl Salicylate similar to the popular BENGAY® cream.  Unlike this well known product, however, Isagenix® Ageless Pain Relief™ Cream also contains the popular joint-health ingredients GlucosamineChondroitin and MSM

For the millions of people suffering from joint pain, these two products could be the game changers that get you back into the game!  If you are a chiropractor looking for a natural solution for your patients, or you are someone looking for pain relief for yourself we would love the opportunity to tell you more.  You can contact us either through our web-site at http://www.cleansebenefits.com, or by calling us toll free at 1-866-982-DIET (3438).

Isagenix May Not Be the Cure for Aging…but they’re working on it!

Monday, August 30th, 2010

As I stated in a previous post, Isagenix® offered its Associates some amazing news at the 2010 Celebration about aging and its affects.  The announcements resulted in standing ovations and cheers of approval from everyone in the room.  The news had to be shared over the course of several days as it was too astounding to fit into one 24 hour period.  I will start with the news that you can find right now on our web-site at http://www.cleansebenefits.comIsagenix® has introduced a new product line called Rejuvity with the intent of addressing the signs and symptoms of agingI believe that these products are moving the company in a direction that will change the business…and maybe change the world! 

There are several products that I would like to introduce you to from the Rejuvity line. 

Isagenix Ageless Actives®

The newest addition to the Isagenix® supplements line is Isagenix Ageless Actives® Isagenix Ageless Actives® combats the effects of “cellular aging”.  Cellular aging can manifest itself in the physical appearance of…

  • Wrinkles AgelessActives2 200px Isagenix May Not Be the Cure for Aging…but they’re working on it!
  • Loss of Lean Body mass
  • Loss of Bone Strength
  • Memory Loss
  • Reduced Physical Capacity 

New Isagenix Ageless Actives®

  • Restores Youth from Within
  • Regenerates Bodies at the Cellular Level
  • Combines CoQ10, Vitamin D3 and Resveratrol to support the body to rebuild and restore its vital systems, support energy production and protect cells from oxidative stress

Isagenix Ageless Essentials Daily Pak®


Ageless Essentials Daily Pack 200x200 Isagenix May Not Be the Cure for Aging…but they’re working on it!Isagenix® now offers you a daily dose of premium vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in individually-wrapped A.M. and P.M. packets. Isagenix Ageless Essentials Daily Pak® contains a synergistic blend of essential nutrients so you never have to worry about what to take and when.

Isagenix Ageless Renewal Serum™Ageless Renewal Serum 200x200 Isagenix May Not Be the Cure for Aging…but they’re working on it!

The New Isagenix Ageless Renewal Serum™ Contains a high concentration of naturally derived epidermal growth factors to stimulate the body’s natural ability to replenish skin.  This bio-technically advanced treatment features Repair-Plex™, a cutting-edge complex containing specially-formulated ingredients and polypeptides, also known as epidermal growth factors or cytokines that work to support the skin’s natural renewal process. Repair-Plex™ supports your skin’s natural renewing, replenishing, and revitalizing processes to create a visibly lifted effect to help you look years younger.

Isagenix Isa SunGuard™

IsaSunGuard 200x2001 Isagenix May Not Be the Cure for Aging…but they’re working on it!Containing SPF 30, Isagenix Isa SunGuard™ is formulated with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, two minerals that work in synergy to block the sun’s harmful UVB and UVA rays, which can cause sunburn and premature aging. Rich in soothing botanicals such as Aloe Vera gel, green tea and chamomile, the long-lasting, water-resistant sun guard helps nourish and protect skin to appear young and beautiful.

These are all exciting products that should have a profound affect on the lives of people who choose to use them; however, this was not the most exciting news over the course of the weekend.  At the conference we were all introduced to molecular biologist Dr. William H. Andrews.  As Dr. Andrews entered the stage all those present realized that both Isagenix® and the world would never be the same again.  My next blog post will tell you what his relationship with Isagenix® really means.