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Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

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The Power of Words…

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

I have always been fascinated by the power of words.  I have used them to write and publish a book; I used them to author a nationally recognized school-based program; and   I now use them to create web-sites and resources that tell people about the greatest business on the planet, network marketing.  They have the ability to either positively or negatively affect those around us.  Just one utterance can change the entire make-up of any given interaction or alter a relationship forever.  More importantly for this discussion, however, is a words ability to shape a persons future.  My wife and I deal in a business that requires a positive attitude and dedication to a goal.  These two attributes can result in astounding success on many levels.  I know this because my wife and I have achieved far more than we ever thought possible…and we now see our potential as virtually limitless.

 We meet people through our business, however, that fail to understand that a negative word can have a devastating impact on their future.  They do not understand that while a positive self-affirming word can be motivating and lead them down a path to success, a negative view of their own potential stated out loud will most likely lead to dismal failure. 

 I am somewhat of a visual learner…hence my love of movies.  My favorite movies are usually about the unexpected sports hero.  I can watch movies like Rudy, Invincible, The Rookie and Miracle over and over again.  This is because I aspire to the story of success despite major obstacles.  All of these movies tell the stories of individuals who had no business succeeding, yet they achieved their goals anyway.  I have studied these films and determined they all have one thing in common.  Each one of the characters refuses to believe that failure is an option.  Rather they seek out people who provide them with the positive motivation they need to beat the odds.  I believe everyone has this potential. 

 I have discussed this belief with a friend of mine who challenged me by saying “I can want to be a pro football player all day long, but it isn’t going to happen.”  My response is that he may be right, but if it is what he truly wants, he should assume he is wrong for two reasons.  First, by affirming his belief by stating it out loud he has ensured that he will never be a pro football player…everyone likes to be validated.  Second, if he sets his sights on becoming a professional athlete, by the time he realizes he has failed to reach his goal he will have achieved far more than he ever thought was possible (if you want to be a millionaire in one year and only make $750,000.00 in that same time frame, can you really claim failure). 

Dempsey 150x150 The Power of Words...Maybe my friend should have considered Tom Dempsey, the kicker for the New Orleans Saints in 1970.  On November 8th of that year Mr. Dempsey kicked a 63 yard field goal…the longest in NFL history.  This was quite a feat, especially when it is considered that Mr. Dempsey had one hand and half a foot (incidentally, this was the foot he kicked with).     

My ultimate purpose with this post is to bring everyone who reads it to the point that they have confidence in their own potential success.  For me and my wife, that success came in the form of financial independence and a return to the fitness level we were at the day we were married.  I believe we can show you how to achieve your goals as well.  If you bring the positive attitude and dedication, we will provide the support and training to help you achieve your goals.   

Submitted by Bruce Westberg